Birdsong - Stories From Pripyat: String Quartet Recording Session

2019-04-05T09:58:26Z (GMT) by Brendan Williams
Video footage of the Birdsong - Stories From Pripyat string quartet recording session.

In order that the string quartet could be effectively mixed with (at times) dense synthetic textures the decision was taken to record the work in an acoustically 'dead' environment. This enabled me to process recordings with fewer unwanted artefacts or aesthetically inappropriate room reverberation. Beyond these technical needs the room characteristics enabled greater control of spatial processing than a conventional (acoustically reverberant) space would have allowed. The production of the piece plays on notions of aural memory, employing 'period correct' spatial treatments (Lexicon 224, Eventide H910, EMT 140) evocative of the time in which the Chernobyl disaster occurred.

Blumlien Array - SE Electronics Titan x 2
V1 - Schoeps CM4
V2 - Schoeps CM4
Viola - Blue Baby Bottle
Cello - JZ V47