GoGo Penguin - Binaural Reverb Chamber (A Humdrum Star)

2019-07-03T07:45:26Z (GMT) by Brendan Williams
A short video of the reverberation chamber constructed for use in the mix process of GoGo Penguin's A Humdrum Star (Blue Note Records 2018). Any individual instrument could be routed to any (or all) of the three speakers used in the surround array. The results were captured with a binaural dummy head and included in the standard stereo release of the album. This reverberation functions well on loudspeakers but headphone listening reveals a greater sense of envelopment in the soundstage; the room reverberation 'hangs' parabolically behind the listener. This video is referred to in the Art of Record Production 2019 (Berklee, Boston US) conference presentation The Mother of Invention: Creative commitment as a reaction to financial and technological uncertainty.