Object-Based audio drama scenes, stored as BWF files with ADM headers

<p>This dataset contains 3 object-based audio drama scenes, commissioned as part of the S3A project. The metadata required to render the scenes is stored in the BWF header as an XML chunk using the Audio Definition Model. A suite of C++ libraries for creating and editing ADM data and reading from and writing to BWF files is available from BBC R&D http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/publications/audio-definition-model-software.</p><p>To access the data, please follow this link <a href="http://cvssp.org/data/s3a/public/radiodrama_register.php">http://cvssp.org/data/s3a/public/radiodrama_register.php</a>.</p><p>For further information, please email James Woodcock (j.s.woodcock@salford.ac.uk).<br></p>