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Our Park: A Place of Love, Life and Possibilities

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posted on 2022-08-23, 05:56 authored by Ursula Kate HurleyUrsula Kate Hurley, Vashti Suwa Gbolagun, Tracy IrelandTracy Ireland, Ravi Thornton, Dorothy Kaganowich, Helen Tattum, Jameel Hadi, Seamus Martin

This graphic novel was inspired by a ‘Common Third’

of residents, staff and students from Salford Loaves and Fishes and the University of Salford. Common Thirds are shared activities, linking individuals, groups and communities; creating space for inclusion, participation, creativity, and discovery. During lockdown, parks symbolised the importance of communal spaces and nature. This book is a celebration of Peel Park in Salford,

highlighting our relationships, memories, love and connection to nature. It accompanies our film about

Peel Park with music, poetry, prose, art, photography and research, which you can find here:


First published 2021

Copyright © Salford Creative Community



Dorothy Kaganowich • Helen Tattum • Jameel Hadi • Séamus Martin

Tony Martin • Tracy Ireland • Vashti Gbolagun Suwa

The moral rights of the authors have been asserted.


James Williams • Phil McCardle • Sara Stabb • Tony Martin • Tracy Ireland

Designed by: Chris Cowling

Edited by: Ravi Thornton

Supported by: Ursula Hurley

Published by Ziggy’s Wish Ltd

Printed in Great Britain ISBN 978-0-9929063-3-7


University of Salford internal research impact and public engagement fund

ESRC Festival of Social Science