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Dutch Uncles "O Shudder" Acoustic Instrumental Recording Sessions.

posted on 05.04.2019, 09:56 by Brendan Williams
Photographs detailing acoustic instrumental recording sessions undertaken for the Dutch Uncles album O Shudder:

1 - The recording location; Peel Hall Salford, Greater Manchester. A large reverberant 300 seat concert hall.

2 / 3 - Location recording equipment in situ

4 - A 'double ORTF' microphone array. Either pair of microphones could be used on any given track. The SE Electronic Titians are extremely neutral, an 'accurate' choice in the context of self balancing acoustic ensemble recording. The Brauner Phanthera Vs are bright and fairly aggressive, there is a slightly 'grainy' quality to the capture which enabled arrangements to be pushed to the foreground of dense mixes where required.

5 - A single performer (Danny Thompson) contributed overdubbed woodwinds to Drips (O Shudder - track 3). The close microphone techniques employed enabled both detail and exaggerated stereo width. Further spaced omnidirectional room microphones were incorporated in the mix in order to re-present to natural acoustic of the hall.

6 - Spaced cardioid piano microphones

7 - String quartet in situ

8 - String quartet microphones: Double ORTF with additional close microphones in order to capture detail and allow for discreet instrumental processing.


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