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FLUXUoS - The Library Happening 2 July 2018

posted on 22.11.2018, 09:25 by Bill Ayres, Ian Wilkie


In an experimental collaboration between the Clifford Whitworth Library and the University of Salford’s Comedy Course, a re-enactment of some of the comedic, performative artwork of the 1960’s neo-Dadaist group Fluxus, "happened" at 13.00 hours on the ground floor of the library on Monday 2nd July 2018. Some hitherto suppressed connections between comedy and art were revealed within this live research provocation. Meanwhile, the library’s collection of material on the 1960s, counter culture, performance, art and anti-art, comedy, audiences, and practice as research provided a vivid backdrop for the skits and hoaxes that were recreated by a team of comedy staff and student Fluxus fans.

The performers were:

Dr Ian Wilkie as John Cage

Dr Richard Talbot as George Maciunas (with eye patch)

Adam Forbes as Allan Kaprow (with beard)

Will Andrews as Emmett Williams


Dr Lynne Crook as The Interrupter

Original idea and script by Dr Ian Wilkie, Lecturer in Performance

Photographs by Bill Ayres, The Library