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Results and audio materials from an experiment into the cognitive categorisation of everyday sounds within urban soundscapes

posted on 01.02.2017, 09:35 by James Stephen Woodcock, William Jonathan Davies, Trevor John Cox
This fileset contains data relating to the Applied Acoustics paper "A cognitive framework for the categorisation of auditory objects in urban soundscapes" 

The zip file "data.zip" contains the following:

./soundscape_recordings contains the programme material used for the soundscapes case study in 48kHz 24-bit .wav format. The channel order is L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS. The folder also contains a pure data patch "interface.pd" that was used to run the test

./scripts_and_data contains the R script that was used to conduct the analysis.

./scripts_and_data/data contains the data from the sorting experiments in .csv format. In these files, rows are objects and columns are participants. Numbers relate the the group that each object was assigned to for a given participant.

./scripts_and_data/data/labels_data contains .csv files descibing the category labels participants assigned to their groups. In these files, rows are category labels and columns are objects. If an object was categorised using a given category label, a 1 is assigned and a 0 otherwise.


EP/L000539/1 (EPSRC)