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Rollator movement IMU data - gold standard

posted on 12.10.2016, 12:23 by Tsu-Jui Cheng, Laurence Kenney, James D. Amor, Sibylle Brunhilde Anitha Thies, Eleonora Costamagna, Christopher J. James, Catherine Holloway

This is an initial study to characterise rollator movement. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) was used to measure the motion of the rollator and analytical approaches were developed to extract features characterising the rollator movement, properties of the surface, and push events. The analytics were tested in two situations, firstly a healthy participant used a rollator in a laboratory using a motion capture system to obtain ground truth. Secondly the IMU was used to measure the movement of a rollator being used by a user with multiple sclerosis (MS) on a flat surface, cross-slope, up and down slopes, and up and down a step 

The dataset of inertial measurement unit is comprised of seven straight-lighting walking trials (between 4-5 m) performed by a healthy participant using a rollator in a gait lab. The raw data were in txt format recorded by Xsens Swinda 2 and subsequently analysed using a bespoke MATLAB script to calculate the distance travelled by a rollator.


EPSRC EP/M025543/1