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Speech-To-Screen collated correct word percentages

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.txt file containing results from the 'Speech-To-Screen listening experiment collated as correct word percentages.

20 x participants (s1-s20)
16 x combination of conditions tested per participant:
- 2 x masking noise types: SSN and SMN
- 2 x video conditions: off and on
- 4 x auralizations: INT, SN, NS, and EXT

20 x speech-in-noise sentences played per combination of condition per participant.
Participants entered letter-number pairs (target words; data collected) for each sentence played.

Correct word scores applied:
* 1.0 if both letter and number correctly entered
* 0.5 if either the letter or the number correctly entered
* 0.0 if both letter and number incorrectly entered

For each combination of conditions and each participant:
* correct word scores summed and averaged out of 20
* converted to percentages

See also Read Me .txt file and zip folder containing raw data from Speech-To-Screen listening experiment