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Stonehenge impulse response measurements

posted on 26.08.2020, 13:25 authored by Trevor John CoxTrevor John Cox, Bruno Miguel FazendaBruno Miguel Fazenda, Susan E. Greaney
This is measurement data from the first application of acoustic scale modelling to prehistoric stone circles. The measurements were made in a 1:12 acoustic scale model of Stonehenge. These gave novel insights into how speech and musical sounds were altered by the acoustics of Stonehenge. The data is the octave band impulse responses and the derived acoustic parameters for 61 measurements.

For full details please see Journal of Archaeological Science paper. Please attribute the journal paper when using this dataset.

Trevor J.Cox, Bruno M.Fazenda and Susan E.Greaney, Using scale modelling to assess the prehistoric acoustics of stonehenge, Journal of Archaeological Science
Volume 122, October 2020, 105218

Please note, m2 and m8 are the same microphone position.

Photos of the model: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFcRWnU

Audio reuse. Use of these impulse responses for convolution reverberation is likely to be disappointing. The upper frequency limit is about 5,500 Hz and the frequency response of the test loudspeaker has not been removed via EQ. We're working on getting a broadband impulse response for people to use for auralisation.