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Undiscovered Salford Stories - Scanned Post-it Notes

posted on 15.11.2018, 10:29 by Bill Ayres
Scanned image of Post-it note, on descriptive template background with image and text.

Visitors to the Undiscovered Salford display were asked to contribute a story which reflected their own experiences, memories or thoughts about the Salford area and write these down on a Post-it note.

The numbering corresponds to a matching sticker on one of 4 A0 size Ordnance Survey maps of the Salford Quays district and surrounding area, printed in 1932/33. The maps were kindly provided by the Salford Local History Library from their archives held at the Salford Museum & Art Gallery.

This project aims to illustrate the connection between archival resources - in this case large scale maps - and the lived experiences of people in relation to these.

This fileset of stories were created by visitors to the Community Science Showcase at the University of Salford Library at MediaCityUK during the weekend of 20/21 October 2018.