Development of a Shared Learning Wiki in an Inteprofessional Context.

This paper discusses the use of a wiki for student radiographers and nurses building on an inter-professional learning experience in the context of Problem Based Learning. The aim of the wiki was to facilitate an on-going learning environment for students who had met once and would not be meeting again. 120 third-year nursing diploma students and 50 second-year radiography undergraduates were provided with a PBL trigger related to a patient with acute stroke. The students met once, in five mixed-discipline groups, following one week of working individually on the PBL outcomes for the trigger. The meeting included discussion around the role of the professions and the outcomes for the trigger. Further learning was enabled through the provision of one wiki for each of the five groups. The students had four weeks to complete their wikis during which time no group could see or edit the other groups’ wikis. At the end of this period the wikis were made visible to all students for group peer assessment. Wiki editing skills were provided through the use of peer ‘wiki champions’ who cascaded training to the rest of their group. Validated and published wiki evaluation models are sparse. We therefore developed a qualitative and quantitative evaluation tool looking at process (student contribution) and outcome (the value, to the students, of the wiki pages produced) based around our aims and the underpinning pedagogies of constructivist and inter-professional learning.