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BRIR Data MIRO Files

posted on 13.02.2020, 10:57 by Darius Satongar, Chris Pike, Yiu Wai Lam
Download in MIRO format, an object-oriented representation of measured impulse responses for MATLAB.

Measured Impulse Response Object class, for object-oriented representation of measured impulse responses in MATLAB. Includes useful methods for applying headphone correction filters and rendering to 720-channel WAV files for use in SoundScapeRenderer (the available WAV files were created using this method). This class must be in your MATLAB path to properly load the SBSBRIR MIRO objects.

Some example SSR scenes have been created, demonstrating how these BRIRs can be used with the SSR software to simulate loudspeaker playback in the University of Salford listening room.

SoundScape Renderer's Binaural Room Scanning renderer can be run using the SBSBRIR data, using one of the provided example scenes, e.g.:

ssr-brs sbsbrir-brs-x0y0-ITU5.asd

This creates a binaural simulation of loudspeakers in the University of Salford's listening room. A head tracking system is used with the SoundScape Renderer to give dynamic BRS rendering.

Note that the impulse response files (WAVs) must be stored in the correct directory relative to the scene file. In the examples this is an a directory irs in the same parent directory as the scene file.

SBS-BRIR is by the University of Salford and the British Broadcasting Corporation


Research funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)



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