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BRIR Data SOFA files

posted on 13.02.2020, 10:57 by Darius Satongar, Chris Pike, Yiu Wai Lam
Download in SOFA format, an open format for reading, saving, and describing spatially oriented data of acoustic systems.

In order to use the SOFA files, you need to download and install the SOFA API for MATLAB/Octave. You therefore also need MATLAB/Octave installed. SOFA APIs for other platforms are in development.

Some example SSR scenes have been created, demonstrating how these BRIRs can be used with the SSR software to simulate loudspeaker playback in the University of Salford listening room.

SBS-BRIR is by the University of Salford and the British Broadcasting Corporation


Research funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)



Acoustics Research Group