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14. Dutch Uncles - O Shudder Studio Recording Session Photographs

posted on 16.02.2021, 14:27 by Brendan WilliamsBrendan Williams
Films detailing recording techniques employed in the production of the Dutch Uncles album O Shudder.

Tidal Weight Synths - Video footage of the 'synthesizer station' used throughout the recording of O Shudder in Giant Wafer Studios. I was able to run up to six synthesisers simultaneously via MIDI whilst the initial tracking sessions were developed, 'committing' the parts only once a global sense of compositional cohesion had been reached. The ability to perform and programme multiple structural, timbral and spatial changes was integral to the success of the recording sessions. The system was developed as a reaction to frustrating experience on previous album sessions, often finding that synthesiser parts were 'revisited' many times as a result the inability to consider the function of all parts simultaneously.

Other films relate to drum kit recording technique, illustrating the different environments, microphone technique and processing employed.

A link is attached below to my PhD by publication commentary. Part Two 'The Embedded Producer' explores my creative relationship with the band and 'Output 4' details the technical practice employed in the recording of O Shudder in depth.


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