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Ridiculusmus Virtual Trilogy Session 2: Give Me Your Love

posted on 23.06.2020, 07:19 by Richard James Talbot
The recording of the second session presented as part of a 3 Day Virtual Seminar Series with Ridiculusmus Theatre Company. This session is about 'Give Me Your Love'.

SATURDAY 23RD MAY 2020, 2PM – 3:30PM
The second show in the trilogy explores post-traumatic stress and the therapeutic potential of controlled doses of MDMA. The production signals the mental health experience by unpacking the theatre-viewing experience: in a claustrophobic ‘flat’ one performer remains in a box, with legs only visible throughout the whole show, while only the arm of another performer reaches out to him through the narrow gap in a chained door.

“It’s Ridiculusmus at their best, with their signature blend of silliness and seriousness”  – The Stage.

Session 2 schedule:

– Welcome, instructions and introductions with Dr Richard Talbot.

– Pre-recorded extracts of the piece with live commentary from Jon Haynes and David Woods.

– Discussion with Jon Haynes, David Woods and Dr Ben Sessa: Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, senior research fellow at Bristol, Cardiff and Imperial College London Universities, and co-founder and director of the UK’s Breaking Convention conference.

– An opportunity for discussion: audience Q&A.



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