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The Departure and Arrival of Sculptural Qualities shaping improvising bodies within motion capture environments

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posted on 06.06.2022, 15:12 by Lucie Sykes

Photo Credits: Adam Lyon, dancer and researcher Lucie Sykes (in the centre),  movement participant A (on the right side). 

The dancers wear motion capture suits with forty-one reflective and spherical  markers attached by a Velcro. These markers capture the dancers’ sculptural  motion--kinetic trace-forms (Laban,1966, 2011)--through the array of eight cameras  placed around the room. The motion data are mapped onto a digital-three?dimensional model (skeleton markers) and visualised in virtual and external  environments. The extended body-mind (Clark, 2008) trace-forms are shaped through dancers’ feedback loop responses: dancers respond to the  departures of the visualisation, the action shapes the line, curve, and particles, and  its arrival shapes the dancers’ perception of self and shapes trace-forms into a new,  innovative, and spontaneous sculptural motions with expressive movement qualities  while improvising within motion capture environments.