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'Here the Cold Secrets'

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posted on 2022-06-06, 15:14 authored by Eve Blezard

Here the cold secrets, 

Penned by my heart, 

Wild yet rooted, 

The free space to belong, 

My adapted oddity, 

Part of me.


My research has been a passionate and personal journey to tell the untold stories of social housing residents.

I created a found poem about my research process by reflecting on my past, present, and ideal writing spaces. Then from all the words used, I wrote the above poem, Here the Cold Secrets. I then entered the poem in the Wombo AI Artwork app to help create this final image.

The poem sums up the resident's narratives, my journey and the research process. The residents confided their secrets in me, and I put my heart into the research. The research revealed the importance of home and belonging and has indeed become part of me. 


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