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'This is original practise based research. Hand cut wood block printmaking on paper'

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posted on 06.06.2022, 15:11 by Rahela Khan


Rahela was born in the UK and brought up by her immigrant parents from the Bengal region of the Indian sub-continent. Her work reflects her pride in her Muslim and Bengali heritage and not feeling like she fits into the culture of assimilation. Rahela is interested in accessibility for under-represented groups within the arts, specifically visibly Muslim women creatives and culturally appropriate artwork for Muslim audiences in Art institutions. She wishes to challenge misconceptions of marginalisation, subjugation and oppression. Her work looks at oral histories, lived experiences featuring land and migration, and binaries such as poverty and opulence. Her concepts are grounded in emotional intimacy and distances within the family, exploring concept of unification through values instilled in families, shared struggles, and hardships amongst others in the community. She wants to celebrate all the amazing things that Muslim women are doing.