Item 4. Action Space (Wahl, 2016) link to Full Film

2019-04-08T09:27:37Z (GMT) by Simon Connor
Private link to Vimeo of Action Space (Wahl, 2016) full film:

Password is: asfilm2016

Key Examples:

0 - 2min40s. Opening scene.
Use of sound design to enhance the tangible and sensory experience of being inside inflatable, via sonic layering, time stretching and blending with human voice. These techniques are reappropriated from sound design of fiction film.

24min- 26min30s Playing with the sonic environment of the making space.
Similar to above, reappropriating sound design techniques of fiction film (audio capture through tubing, foley techniques, layered details of making) to enhance the sensory experience of the workfloor.

27min-29min30s. Action space Audio archive.
Performance featuring creative use of archive material (layering and sonic processing of analogue tape loops) to contribute to the musical soundtrack.