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Record of copyright material used in an experiment into the cognitive categorization of auditory objects in complex audio scenes.

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posted on 01.06.2016, 11:01 by James Stephen Woodcock, Trevor John Cox, William Jonathan Davies, Frank Melchior
This is a record of the copyright material used in the listening tests described in the JAES paper "Categorization of broadcast audio objects in complex auditory scenes".
The clips for the radio drama material were taken from ``The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase. BBC, 2004'' and ``The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. BBC, 2009''. The clips from the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase occurred at approximately (min:sec) 05:00--06:30 (Episode 1), 14:40--17:40, 18:20--19:40 (Episode 2), 10:30--13:05, 18:20--20:20, 30:20--33:20 (Episode 3), 20:00 (Episode 4), and 24:50 (Episode 5). The clips from the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz occurred at approximately 00:00--02:30, 04:15--5:37, 20:00--22:40, and 22:50--25:40.
The clips for the nature documentary material were taken from ``Life. Episode 1, Challenges of Life. BBC, 2009.'' The clips used occurred at approximately  04:30--06:00, 11:19--15:30, 21:53--23:40, and 27:20--29:32.

The clips for the feature film material were taken from ``The Woman in Black, 2012''. The clips used occurred at approximately 04:40--6:31, 10:49--12:15, 14:35--16:36, 16:36--18:05, 19:51--23:38, 23:38--25:10, 45:43--46:57 , 53:09--54:19.


EP/L000539/1 (EPSRC)


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