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Change, Loss, and Community: Residents' narratives of life on a social housing estate

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posted on 2022-06-30, 09:41 authored by Eve Blezard

SPARC 2022 Poster Number 7


Aim: To understand what community means to residents on a social housing estate in the North-West of England.

"Community" is a word that can mean different things to different people, making it complicated to use in social policy. However, 'community' is often used in policy and services, especially in poorer areas with high social or council housing levels. However, assumptions about what life is like in these areas create stereotypes about social housing residents. This lack of understanding makes community projects and services that are not very successful. It is important to tell and hear resident stories, especially after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. So, this research uses interviews with residents to listen to what they have to say to tell their own stories of what community means to them. It was found that residents feel that community and social spaces are important to them to; help get to know one another, run events, and support children and young people. 

It was also found that feeling safe and at home was essential to the resident's well-being. To help share the resident's stories with a broader audience, creative methods have been chosen to present the findings. The resident's narratives will be presented in illustrations and found poems to help make the research more inclusive and accessible.