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'Cancer Nanotechnology: Design of Multimodal Gold Nanoparticle-based Chemotherapeutics' by Pouria Rafati

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posted on 22.06.2021, 13:51 by Pouria Rafati
SPARC 2021 Poster No. 23

Clinically available cancer therapies are restricted to radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, all often resulting in damage to healthy tissues and causing the risk of cancer recurrence. Nanotechnology-based chemotherapeutics offer targeted therapies, selective treatments, along with a personalised medicine approach. They involve synthetic nanoparticles specifically conjugated with chemotherapy drugs, which can ultimately lead to improved distribution in biological fluids, increased systemic circulation times, protection from degradation by cellular components, and reduced systemic toxicities.

Specifically, gold nanoparticles represent an excellent choice for anticancer applications due to their biocompatibility, tunable optical properties, and advanced surface functionalisation. Currently, nanoparticle design for anticancer applications is focused around the design and development of novel multimodal and multifunctional, biocompatible nanoparticles for use in cancer therapy and cancer diagnostics. These particles provide an opportunity to reduce common side-effects of traditional chemotherapy drugs and enable optimal dose delivery to the targeted tissues.

This interdisciplinary PhD project is focused on the design and synthesis of novel functional gold nanoparticles and high-throughput evaluation of the in vitro response on a range of cancer cell lines. Moreover, this study will investigate the complex mechanisms of cellular uptake of these nanoparticles designed as drug delivery vehicles. Thus, the project has the potential to contribute to the development of state-of-the-art nanoparticle-based cancer treatment strategies.