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'On the Security Challenges of 5G Connected Drone Transportation System' by Aagii Mariam Thomas

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posted on 24.06.2021, 11:19 by Aagii Mariam ThomasAagii Mariam Thomas
SPARC 2021 Poster No. 1

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) known as drones are emerging as one of the autonomous vehicles, utilized to transport packages, food, medicines, or other goods. It was also widely used by the military, aviation and civil sectors for a wide range of applications from surveillances, search and rescue to disaster management relief. A drone delivery system can be an effective solution for timely deliveries. Drones need wireless connectivity to transfer images and video, commands, sensor measurements and other mission-oriented data to the controller. A standardised cellular network with widespread coverage could provide comprehensive, high quality and secure connectivity that enables cost-effective drone operation beyond the line of sight. 5G network is an emerging technology that connects multiple devices such as autonomous vehicles, medical devices, smartphones, wearables, smart refrigerators, smart door lock, smart fire alarms and so on. It delivers higher data speeds, low latency and more reliable connectivity compared to the older network generations, enabling connecting different devices at a time. Since it has higher performance and improved efficiency, 5G is going to expand the mobile world to new realms. Thus, drones can benefit from 5G to perform their intended functions. Drones operate in unsupervised hostile areas as well as supervised areas where they are vulnerable to security threats such as hacking, hijacking, and malicious attacks. In the event of security attacks, the drone operation may be stopped, due to the breach of the security requirements such as confidentiality, authentication, integrity and availability. This paper thus reviews the security challenges and attacks on UAVs, the possible countermeasures, and identifies future research directions.