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'Radical Sustainability: Exploring the need for visualisation methods in geography to aid Innovation in Greening Urban Environments' by Adelina Court

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posted on 24.06.2021, 07:26 by Adelina CourtAdelina Court
SPARC 2021 Poster No. 2

The green agenda is high on the national government agenda, with a new £40 million scheme to encourage a sustainable recovery alongside policies, such as the 25 Year Environment Plan and other tools, pushing more investment into the area. With this push, we are now seeing innovation in urban green infrastructure: from pocket parks to the Americanised models of community gardens, becoming more frequent across our cityscapes. This paper critically explores the rise of ‘radical sustainability’ and the need to embrace new forms of urban green infrastructure. We present a case study of a multifunctional forest school in Salford, reflecting on our work in enabling the project, along with its potential impacts. The multidisciplinary team made up of an urban geography, a contextual studies scholar, and an illustrator, also present a visual methodology framework which could be replicated in future studies. The paper demonstrates the transformative nature of radical schemes and calls for more funding to push forward the practice in the North West and beyond.