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An evaluation of pressure and comfort.

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posted on 14.03.2018, 09:57 by Melanie Stephens, Carol Bartley
Dissemination of the findings from a small scale study involving 12 participants who trialled one of 3 CareFlex chairs during the period Sept –Dec 2015. The study explored the use of WaterCell Technology® in: the redistribution of pressure of adults with mobility problems who remain seated for extended periods of time and self-reported comfort and discomfort scores using three chairs: Hydrotilt, Smartseat, and SmartseatPro. 1. The pressure reducing qualities of WaterCell® technology. 2. Whether there is a link between self-reported comfort and discomfort scores of adults and the pressure redistribution qualities of the three Careflex chairs. 3. The Importance of user involvement in designing equipment for people with a disability