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Crafting Organizational Strategy: Teva Pharmaceutical

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posted on 2021-12-03, 08:20 authored by Dr. Mosi DorbayaniDr. Mosi Dorbayani
Executive Summary: Teva pharmaceuticals industries ltd. is one of the leading global pharmaceuticals industries that offer high-quality patient-centric health care services to millions of patients globally. Additionally, the company is based at Israel with over 1800 molecules to generic producer products covering a myriad of therapeutic areas.

Teva combines its specialty and generic capabilities to develop innovative treatments for chronic respiratory illnesses and central nervous system disorders as well as a range of generic products that alleviate human suffering. Primarily,

Teva specializes in five main categories including the central nervous system, respiratory, women's health, oncology, and respiratory systems. Moreover, the company operates a distinct distribution system including B2B and B2C businesses. Teva is a member of pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

This membership gives them the power to influence regulations and monitor pricing through collision with other critical players in the market. The followings address four strategic questions about this leading pharmaceutical company.