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In Search Of Enchanted Soundscapes

posted on 08.09.2020, 10:06 by Philip Glen Brissenden, Alan Williams, Tim Wise, Eirik Dyroy
In Search of Enchanted Soundscapes is a piece of experimental music collaboratively composed and produced under lockdown conditions by four members of the Adelphi Contemporary Music Group.

This piece was commissioned as part of a collaboration between the ACMG, and the Beauty and the Beasts; Falling in love with Insects exhibition at the Manchester Museum. This project is part of the museum’s mission to build a sustainable world. Insects keep ecosystems working and are the food of the world, but many habitats and individual species are currently under threat of extinction. The project seeks to explore our complex relationship with insects and highlights the fact that the vast majority of insects are not only harmless to humans, but vital for maintaining the earth as we know it. Art, and collaboration with artists is central to the storytelling and exploration of the project.

The piece begins with field recordings made in the lavish insect soundscapes of the Costa Blanca, and integrates live performance (including use of the Bohlen-Pierce tuning system) and signal processing.

The project is an exercise and adapting collaborative performance and compositional practice to new lockdown conditions to create a finished fixed-media. piece. The project was presented in a paper at the UoS Festival of Research. The pptx file has embedded audio - both commentary and musical presentations, including the final piece. Please download and play the pptx file.