Rachel Elizabeth Newsome

Lecturer, Critical & Contextual Studies for Fashion Styling & Image Making
Salford, Manchester
I am a Lecturer in Critical & Contextual Studies on the Fashion Styling & Image Making programme at The University of Salford where I am also a practice-based PhD candidate in Creative Writing. I am researching writing-the-dangerous in relation to trauma and terrible mothers through the practice of autobiographical short fiction and the exploration of related authors, including Jeanette Winterson and Anna Kavan. I am a former Editor of Dazed & Confused and Editor of "This Is Not A Book About Gavin Turk" (Trolley, 2014). My short story "The Zoo" is published in the Winter 2018 issue of the North American journal, Déraciné.


  • http://trolleybooks.com/bookSingle.php?bookId=255
  • https://deracinemagazine.com/volume-iii-winter-2018/

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