Richard James Talbot

Senior Lecturer in Performance (Performing arts not elsewhere classified)

Salford, UK

I am a performer, theatre maker, researcher and teacher working in the fields of participatory and devised performance. My research activities are predominantly practice-based, and often conducted through in-role and immersed peformance in public spaces, heritage sites and studios. I research practices and topics related to performance, comedy and laughter. I have worked on numerous interdisicplinary projects with staff in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Psychology and Social Work at Salford University and with the university's Institute for Dementia and am currently PI on a project with Dr Claire Dormann (University of Liverpool): Modelling Interactive Clown Practices for Virtual Game Design Applications in Dementia Care.


  • 'She Wants You to Kiss Her: Neogtiating Risk in the Immersive Theatre Contract' in Frieze, J ed. 2017. Reframing Immersive Theatre The Politics and Pragmatics of Participatory Performance. London: Palgrave

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