University of Salford

Yeliz Prior

Professor (Health sciences; Psychology; Engineering)

Manchester, UK

Yeliz is a Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation and the Research Environment Lead at the School of Health and Society. She is a highly skilled mixed methods researcher who is dedicated to enhancing outcomes and improving the quality of life for individuals living with long term conditions. Her research operates across the entire research spectrum, encompassing the development of measurement tools, exploration of underlying mechanisms causing impairments, creation of evidence-based interventions, and evaluation of intervention effectiveness and its impact on patients and clinical services. Her research also explores the transformative potential of digital solutions in empowering individuals with long-term conditions, such as RMD, diabetes, and dementia.



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Co-workers & collaborators

Alison Hammond

Professor of Rheumatology Rehabilitation - University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UK

Alison Hammond

Sarah Jane Bodell

Sarah Jane Bodell

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