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<p>A dataset for binaural analysis and simulation of domestic loudspeaker reproduction at multiple listening positions.</p><p>SBSBRIR is a freely-available binaural room impulse response (BRIR) dataset, measured at the University of Salford’s ITU-R BS.1116-compliant listening room. The dataset includes measurements for 12 loudspeakers, positioned at ear-height, using a head-and-torso simulator (HATS) at 15 different positions in the listening area. The HATS was rotated horizontally in 2 degree steps at each position. The dataset can be used in the subjective and objective evaluation of domestic spatial audio reproduction.</p>

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Satongar, Darius; Pike, Chris; Lam, Yiu Wai (2020): SBSBRIR. University of Salford. Collection.