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Walking in the wild, smart city: exploring geo-located sound walk practices in urban landscapes

Posted on 2022-06-15 - 08:24 authored by Joanne Emma Scott

Wilding the Smart City is a practice as research project which aims to explore the capacity of creative digital practices to highlight and reveal elements of wildness in city landscapes, particularly nonhuman processes at play in smart city infrastructures and wild urban nature. It is the latest in the series of practice research projects where I have engaged with theories and ideas of wildness as they intersect with urban landscapes including projects that have specifically explored ‘urban wildscapes’ (see Scott 2019, 2020 and 2021), which Jorgensen defines as ‘urban spaces where natural as opposed to human agency appears to be shaping the land’ (in Jorgensen and Keenan 2012, p.1).


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