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Christmas Shimmer: My Collaboration With Charles Dickens

posted on 14.12.2021, 13:10 authored by Dr. Mosi DorbayaniDr. Mosi Dorbayani
As a man of science, I never felt the need for me to compose a song for religious celebrations like Christmas. But following numerous requests from fans, I finally agreed.

However, I said to myself: if I am to write a Christmas song, it should be something different from what is typically out there. The world is in no short of Carol, and is certainly full of cheesy Christmas love songs. So, let’s not just do it, only to satisfy requests, or for the sake of having one in the repertoire. 😊

With that in mind, I decided to create one in form of a ‘message song’ to highlight “humanity”. To emphasise on social values, charitable deeds, and kindness. A thinking tool to awaken the spirit of caring, giving and sharing, and to remind ourselves that all of us can bring about change for the betterment of humanity – all – year– round.

And of course, to make the project even more literal and musically stage worthy, I took inspiration from ‘A Christmas Carol. In Prose. (1843)’ – by Charles Dickens.

My new song, ‘Christmas Shimmer’, is a socially conscious song – arranged in Musical Broadway style by Roxana Nicola, and performed by Soprano, Maria Mitich from Germany.

While the score and lyrics for this project are shared here, you can stream the song from Spotify link below (reference link) and watch its music video on Youtube.